Manage Tasks More Efficiently And Effectively

Computer users can now have better and effective control of their personal computers with respect to its ability in executing various applications. The control on the effectiveness of your computer is based on utilization of resources by the CPU or the counter.

This is all possible because of an extremely powerful utility, the Marxio Timer. This utility helps users manage running tasks in a more efficient and effective manner. This also eliminates the manual monitoring of various processes of Windows.

This utility allows users to re-configure it in order to make it work more effectively. This enables it to execute certain actions efficiently. Some actions of this utility include its ability to restart, turn off, lock or hibernate the computer. It can also be configured to play sound, display text or run any specific program at any selected hour.


The Marxio Timer has been further enhanced by including CPU cycles for measurement of utilization. This measurement is done in percentage and it helps trigger some actions other than being purely relied on the timer countdown. For example, you can configure your system’s detection that triggers a system reboot when the cycle utilization of your CPU reaches higher than the 30 percent mark.

The Marxio Timer is available in two versions, the portable version and the installer version. Both these versions can be easily downloaded for free. This software utility is compatible with all versions of the Windows Operating System. Download and install this utility onto your system to make your system work more efficiently and effectively.        


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