Manage User Names And Passwords More Efficiently

Many of us today have accounts in various web portals, networking sites and mail ids. At times it becomes extremely confusing remembering all the user names and passwords for every particular site. It is also recommended to create strong passwords for security reasons, but these strong passwords can be easily forgotten and thus make us helpless.

Web Services like MashedLife helps manage passwords and user ids efficiently. Similar to this just mentioned service, ALPass is another extremely useful tool that securely stores and manages your user ids and passwords. The extra feature of this tool is that it can also be installed in any storage device like pen drive or iPod and thus carried anywhere we want to.

ALPass can be easily downloaded for free. You can install it in your personal computer or a removable device. After installing it you can store and add any number of user ids or passwords into this application. You can also access your subscription details, online membership details, and bank account details with just a few clicks.

The only limitation of this useful tool is that it runs only on Internet Explorer and is not supported by other web browsers like Opera, Firefox, and Safari etc. The utility of this application can be understood best when you have numerous ids and passwords to manage. This application speeds up login processes and helps you avoid mixing of complicated and strong passwords.

The latest version of this application ALPass 2.80 has been just released a few days ago. It can be downloaded from Here:


Some of the key features of this application are that it is portable and can also be installed onto a portable drive, it allows login to more than one website with just a single click. You can also add unlimited number of ids and passwords of your accounts, it also allows easy access to your accounts and allows you to edit, add, manage and delete login details.

The best part of this application is that it is totally safe and secure even for unlimited users on a single machine. Passwords for your user ids can be masked as * or can even be displayed as plain text as per your choice.

The ALPass 2.80 is extremely intelligent as it gives automatic prompts to add new websites with desired settings and also provides extra security by setting log out limits.


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