Foxmarks Synchroniser to provide Back up Bookmarks and Passwords over Several Computers

Many of us have different sets of bookmarks at office and at home. There are many online social bookmarking services available to manage bookmarks on various computers, but because of lack of certain conveniences they were not so effective.

Firefox being popular web browser now a days. The ability to install add-ons has made it more powerful when compared to the other browsers. Foxmarks Bookmarks Synchronizer is one of the Add-ons by Firefox (download link).

Firefox Bookmarks Synchronizer automatically synchronizes bookmarks between two or more computers.

This synchronizer allows us to access all your bookmarks, from any computer anytime. It also provides a facility to backup passwords online so that they remain unchanged inspite of changes in computer hardware.

Features of Foxmarks Bookmarks Synchronizer include:

  • Automatically synchronizes alterations in bookmarks and passwords. So that these changes are similar over multiple computers.
  • Online backup of bookmarks so that whenever there is a change in bookmarks they can be restored irrespective of failure in system hardware.
  • Bookmarks can be modified even if you are away from your computer, by logging on to and access desired bookmarks.
  • Sharing of our favorite bookmarks with our friends through blog or website
  • Provision to have selected bookmarks at our office computer and our personal computer

Its very simple to set up Foxmarks so that whenever you add a new bookmark t your computer at work the same will be in sync with the bookmarks on your computer at home. All bookmarks are available to us immediately.

Saved bookmarks can be organized by logging into

Foxmarks does not permit access to passwords via website as it does with the bookmarks.

Password sync is optional with Foxmarks. Simple steps are to be followed to manually activate password sync.

  1. Go to tool- >foxmarks- >setting and then click on sync tab.
  2. Select checkbox “password” and the same procedure need to be adopted on different computers you need to have password synchronization.


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