Mapping the Drive Letter for the Most Used Folders in Windows

It is very irritating to always go to the frequently accessed folder which is situated deeply inside the hierarchy of various folders. Additionally, searching any folder which is placed deeply inside the ladder of folder structure is a very time consuming job.

Therefore, instead of clicking the folders one after another, you can simply make shortcuts in your desktop to get direct access. On the other hand you can assign letter to folder, so that you will be able to access that folder directly from drive letter. 

General perception of people about drive letter is that mapping drive letter is used for getting folders from other computer by making drive letter. However you will be amazed to know that you can map drive for folder which is located in your computer.

There are 2 basic methods available to create map drive letter for folder:

Through subst utility

Virtual subst utility allows people to create map virtual drive to frequently access folders instantly.


The process is very easy to follow:

  • Select drive letter as you give priority
  • Now click on the magnifier glass to browse for folder
  • You can make that choice if you want that folder to be mapped every time when your computer restarts. If you want it then tick ‘Apply virtual drives on Windows startup’
  • Click on the plus shaped icon (+) option to add ands save drive mapping
  • Click on a cross shaped icon (x) option to delete drive mapping
  • If you want to change drive letter for existing drive mapping, click  virtual drive and select from the list


You can download this utility from the internet on your computer.

Through command line

It is another method in which you just have to use command prompt to map drive letter

  • Start command prompt in your computer
  • §         Subst [drive letter] [folder path] is the syntax of mapping drive for example if you are mapping the G drive for C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My documents\ my music drive, then you have to give syntax subst G: “C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\My music”
  • §         To create list for all drive letters type subst and press enter
  • Subst [drive letter] is the syntax to delete drive mapping


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