Normally, memory cards do not have any write protection lock which can be manually turned ON or OFF. But possibilities are that you might encounter “The Disk Is Write Protected” Error (this used to be a regular problem with Floppy disks).

Memory Card - The Disk Is Write Protected - Error

Here’s how you can solve the “The Disk Is Write Protected” Error for memory cards :

1> Open the Registry Editor (To do open registry editor : Click “Start –> Run –> cmd –> regedit“),

2> Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control

3> You need to create a new key here. To do this, right click on Control and you’ll get options to create new key.

4> Name the new key as StorageDevicePolicies – make sure the spelling is right.

5> Create a new dword in StorageDevicePolicies by right clicking on the empty space on the right side. Name the new dword as WriteProtect.

6> Double click on the ‘WriteProtect‘ and set its value to 0 (Zero).

Close the registry editor and restart your system. This should solve the problem.


  1. i think ur memory card adapter is not working properly plz ….. use another adapter ………..


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