Messenger Plus

Most of the MSN messenger ( also known as Windows Live Messenger ) users will most certainly know about Messenger Plus, one of the best add-on for MSN Messenger. Those who haven’t tried Messenger Plus with the MSN messengers, I recommend you should try as you’ll surely fall in love with it once you start using it.

The default MSN messenger has very ‘limited features’. Messenger Plus gives more life to the default MSN Messenger, by letting you customize your Windows Live Messenger in more than one ways. It also lets you add new features according to ones taste and style. All this at no extra cost as it is a freeware.

When it comes to customizing, you can customize the look and feel, the colors, the sound associated with any action related to Windows Live Messenger. If you’ve used Mozilla, then you know the advantage of tabbed browsing, now with Messenger Plus, you’ll experience tabbed chatting ! If you have multiple Windows Live Messenger, like one for office, another personal and so on, you can be logged into all of them at once with Messenger Plus’s – ‘Log into Multiple account at once’ feature.

The latest version is compatible with the beta version of Windows Live Messenger 9, so you do not compromise on anything.

[ Download Messenger Plus! Live for Windows Live Messenger 9 Wave 3 ]



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