It is possible to revive issues and based on your intentions, it can be profitable too. People were led to believe that Microsoft Kin one and Kin two were seriously set aside, as a forgotten story, only keeping its narrow scope in mind. The Kin one possessed a 5MP camera while Kin 2 comes with an 8MP one. Kin one held only half the storage space, while kin two looked like any other smart phone.

The tiny Qvga displays were another setback they faced and it looked like these two devices were not upto the mark to perform clever social networking tasks that youngsters were looking for, even though they could update and assist uploading of photos and video. It therefore seemed they were in exile! And if at all given a second chance, would rejoice their coming back!

But now it seems they truly have made a sincere effort to come back, because they have been working on improvised measures. Verizon Wireless offers interesting aspects to obtain the two handsets, the only condition being a signed two year contract. Priced at $19.99 for Kin one and $49.99 for the Kin two models, it is definitely much less than when the phone was first released.

Let’s all pray that Microsoft’s Kin one and Kin two get a new life through Verizon! More so when you realize that Verizon is aiming at the Touchscreen full QWERTY keyboard and high end camera. It will also have large internal memory capabilities to assist them gain success, at least this time!

These devices are modeled on Window Phones, as something different as the whole user interface is custom to Kin bearing a heavy social media slant, a custom browser [supposedly based on the Zune’s browser]. The displays are capable of support with Multitouch, but there is no support for in-browser Flash or Silverlight.

Kin one nicknamed as ‘Turtle’s a curved square slider with a QVGA display, 4GB of internet storage, 5Megapixel camera with LED flash. Kin two is commonly called ‘Pure’ containing a HVGA display, and a better traditional QWERTY slide form factor!


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