Microsoft Launching Latest Web Translating Widget

Adding the translator widget is one of the most useful things for various websites. The translator widget makes your website more accessible to the global readers. It would then be greatly accepted, especially by the visitors from foreign nations. Currently there are so many translation tools with which the users can easily convert their web sites so that they could be understood by people reading different languages.

Some of the popular online tools such as Google Translate, Windows Live Translator are widely used by users for the same purpose. However, when the user opts to use some of these website translators or translation widgets, they are taken away from original page. These translators tend to prompt user to go to other sites for the translation activities.

Now, at the Mix Conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft is launching a new translation widget to tackle such practical issues. This latest widget helps the Web developers to allow their users for translating their website into other languages, and there is no need of leaving the page.  

Using this latest translation widget, a pull-down menu can be provided by website developers. Thus, users can easily translate Web page into several languages with the help of this pull down menu. While using this new service, you need not have to leave the page even when you convert into other languages.

Web developers can now get the new translation widget on their own websites using the link given Here.


  1. actually machine translation is not perfect. there are lots of
    funny examples. Just see how it translates into Russian the famous city
    “Moscow”!!! I think if you are serious about your blog or web-site,
    you should use professional translation services.


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