Microsoft Offers Native Support For Divx, Xvid And Quicktime .MOV Movie Files

While playing media files such as movies, video and audio clips on Windows media player, an exact codec is required to decode the formats of all the files. Video file formats like DivX, MOV and XviD are usually found among the Internet downloading and digital camera files. Such video files could not be natively supported by Windows OS, except Windows 7.

Now, Microsoft has introduced an inbuilt native support of XviD and DivX to play the video files and movies encoded in such formats. As per the announcement of Windows 7 regarding the new changes, a native support for .MOV file formats would be added to Windows Media Player.

Of course, this increased range of natively supported video file formats in Windows 7 Beta has gained much popularity. Before this addition, you could not notice a definite spot in the video file via Windows Media Center or Windows Media Player for AVCHD content that was imported from the digital camcorder. So that now, Microsoft has addressed this format, the problem does not persist.

In addition, the native support for video files from the digital camera is working very effectively. Microsoft is collecting more and more positive feedbacks about the broader set of native support.

Before playing .MOV files, Vista Codec Pack or Apple QuickTime or alternative players such as VLC Media player has to be downloaded and installed. This installation adds unnecessary stuffs in your system, like Apple Update and useless codecs.

Thus, now Windows 7 users will be able to playback XviD, DivX and QuickTime .mov files and for that there is no need of installing any additional software at all.


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