Microsoft Office Outlook with Instance of One Window of Outlook

Microsoft Office Outlook is mostly used for official purposes and it is very useful to open more than one Windows at a time. The power to use more than one Windows in Outlook is the basic nature of this software including all the older to latest versions. There are some chances when user does not like to open multiple Outlook Windows, especially, when they have the facility to access their Email account on the click of mouse or keyboard.

For example, at present there is one prototype Outlook.exe, which is a natural phenomenon happening at the moment, but people have doubts about the performance of other extra Outlook Windows, as one procedure can be spanned out many a times. To stop this from happening, there is one solution that is to unite the recycle parameterization with the command line target to the Outlook’s shortcut or icon.

This is to note that a new shortcut of Outlook.exe in Program Files folder can be created manually, if a user is unable to employ system installed shortcuts. The new shortcut of Outlook will reflect in Start Menu, Taskbar, or in desktop or it can be replaced with the shortcut of already installed on system to work.


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