As many of you know that Microsoft Office comes with its very own tool bar and this tool bar is called the Shortcut Bar, which typically pops up on the right side or top of theWindows desktop whenever you start Windows. The shortcut bar as the name specifies, will have shortcut buttons to create common tasks like, creating new documents, setting appointments, composing email messages and such, which are often used every day.

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The Shortcut Bar doesn’t appear by default, however you can turn it by:

  1. Click Start
  2. Programs
  3. Office Tools
  4. Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar

The first time you choose to display the shortcut bar, Office setup may prompt you to install it from the CD, in that case you’ll need to insert the same CD you had used when setting up Office, and click OK.

You’ll be provided an option to run Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar to run automatically on startup. Choose what you prefer. If you select Yes, then you don’t need to always follow the procedure mentioned above. If you do not use Microsoft Office Shortcut bar regularly then select No and you can bring it up as mentioned above.

When you rest the mouse pointer on a button in the Shortcut bar or in any toolbar, a box pops up displaying the name of the button. This is caled a Screentip. To change the name of the Shortcut bar button, right-click the button and choose Rename. To turn of a Shortcut bar button, right-click it and choose Hide Button.


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