Use Microsoft RichCopy to Move or Copy Quickly Windows Files

A powerful tool RichCopy is one of the Microsoft tools meant to facilitate the moving or copying of files in faster speed, developed by Microsoft programmers. The Microsoft RichCopy tool was originally developed in 1996, which however was not completely accessible for communal usages, and moreover it was being used internally by Microsoft.

On the other hand, as time went by, Microsoft made it accessible for free of cost to public to download. Now with this RichCopy, you can also experience quicker file moving and copying with the tiny Windows utility.

RichCopy can used to copy a number of files at a point in time which is up to 8 times faster speed, when you compare it with the regular file copy or the moving process.

Important Features of RichCopy

  1. Firstly it is more faster, powerful and consistent when compared to any additional file copying tool
  2. It allocates unique settings with a precise profile while generating several profiles
  3. It save the files at a single destination which is copy from multiple and different locations
  4. It arranges the files based on the time, date and gives you the option to either choose or copy those files


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