Microsoft Will Need To Take A Serious Call On Internet Explorer Security Holes

It has been noticed that the Firefox browsers have more security issues when compared to any other browsers. However, it is very popular among a lot of people who are simply addicted to the innumerous add-ons that they provide.

Recent checks on security issues of the browsers have revealed that Firefox has more than 115 security vulnerability points. These numbers are quite overwhelming, as they do sum up to more than the combined security problems of Chrome and Internet Explorer.

At the same time, the good thing about Firefox browsers provided by Mozilla is that the frequency of their updates and patches are much quicker when compared to security updates provided by Microsoft on Internet explorer.

The interesting fact about the security holes of Firefox is that they are not very grave, as the serious threats that could be caused by them are comparatively negligible. At the same time, the vulnerabilities in the security of Internet explorer browsers are quite serious. Additionally, ActiveX of Microsoft has shown 366 issues, whereas the Firefox ActiveX has shown only 1 known issue. Maybe it is time for the Microsoft to do something about this really quickly.

Security issues can cause huge losses to people, and Microsoft will need to take a serious call on their browser security, especially when the web developers are emerging towards the completion of Web 3.0 release.


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