If you like playing Minesweeper on Windows then you’ll love playing Mines 2.0. Mines 2.0 is one of the most favorite games of many users using Windows loaded system. Among other games like Solitaire, snakes etc, Mines 2.0 is one of the most played games. This game, by many, is considered as an IQ game which pushes people to think beyond their capacity. The challenge to finish the game before the limited time, touching all the boundaries of your intelligence, is absolutely enthralling. The game is so popular that users, who do not have Mines 2.0 loaded in their system, especially download this game from the net to play them in their free time.

Mines 2.0 can be easily accessed by users with a system loaded with web 2.0. Users choose to play it in either of the single player mode or double players mode. The users can select the difficulty level of the game by choosing one from the beginner, intermediary and expert level. The objective of this game is to locate all the mines as quickly as possible. But, the trick is to locate all the mines without uncovering them. The moment you uncover the mine, you are disqualified to proceed further.

These games are often played by users to sharpen their intellect level. The key move in this game is to click on the existent mine using a strategy. If you play the game without a strategy and just randomly uncover the mines, you will never be able to gain perfection in this game. This game is highly compatible with internet connected and Windows equipped smart phones as well.

[ Download Mines 2.0 ]


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