Everything You Need To Know About MNP (Mobile Number Portability)

Mobile number portability is a concept that enables mobile users change their service providers without having to change their current number. This concept is welcomed very well by the India customers and they have enjoyed experiencing this service. This facility was introduced in India on 20th Jan 2011 under the instructions and guidelines of the TRAI. Here, we’ll discuss some vital aspects of the MNP such as its advantages for the users, disadvantages, process of changing service provider and what are it limitations.

Advantages of Mobile Number Portability:

  • With the help of MNP service, you do not lose any of your old contacts as they can still call you on same number, even if you change your service provider.
  • Now, there is no need for you to memorize your new mobile number or take pains to inform about it to each and every contact in your list.
  • Users can easily enjoy the services of any service provider that meets all their requirements.
  • This service keeps the customers convenience in mind and tries to keep up to their demand and expectations.
  • Users can choose from various different tariff plans that several service providers have to offer without changing their mobile number

Disadvantages of Mobile Number Portability:

Disadvantages of this services is negligible when compared to its usages and advantages

  • The only disadvantage is that by availing the services of MNP and changing the service provider, the users might have to let go some of the benefits that the old company offered.
  • Moreover, users will have to undergo several technical formalities, which could be a little annoying sometimes.

Points to remember while going for the MNP service:

There are a few formalities that users will need to perform, in order to change their service providers. Initially, you’ll need to pay 19 INR, as a conversion fee from one service provider to other. It is absolutely non-refundable amount, whether one’s request is accepted or rejected.

Make sure that your existing number is not under any judicial inquiry. If you are converting your postpaid mobile service then make sure that you don’t have any outstanding bills or unattended disputes with existing service providers. You must have complete clearance from the current service provider.

Note – Previously, operator often used to reject the request for portability due to owing bills, whether it is Rs.100 INR or even Rs.0.13. However, TRAI passed a legislative for all the telecom companies that they should not reject the request of the users, even if they have Rs10 due on their bills and can be included in the next bill without any penalty.

There must not be any pending issues with respect to ownership or change of the mobile number. DOT has divided whole country into two major circles – Circle 1 and Circle 2. Circle 1 includes – Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh (E), Uttar Pradesh (W), Mumbai, and Delhi. Circle 2 includes – Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Assam, Orissa, North East, and Bihar. This classification has been done for the security reasons by DOT. Users can only use MNP service within their circle that is circle 1 users cannot change their providers within circles 2 and vice versa. Your number must be older more than 90 days.

However, you’ll need to keep in mind that the unused balance amount left on your current service provider’s account can be transferred and neither would it be credited to your new account. Thus, it is recommended that you use the total available balance before opting for the MNP services. Ever since PAN India is launched, the users can change their numbers from one state to another state.

Make sure that your existing number is valid and verified properly, as the new service providers will need the same ID proof that you have submitted to your existing service provider. Postpaid numbers can also be ported to the GSM service.

Procedure for Mobile Number Portability:

There is a systematic process to be followed by each and every user to avail the MNP service and change their service provider without changing their existing numbers

  • Initially you have to send an SMS to 1900, a Toll free number, stating ex: PORT 990000xxxxx.
  • You will get 8 digit UPC (Unit porting code) with particular time validity and transfer date. You will get a clear message on your mobile that your UPC code is xxxxxxxx and it is valid up to date xx/xx/xx. Don’t use any prefix such as +91 or 0. Usually, the expiration date of UPC is 15 days. This UPC code is sent to your current service provide, a donor operator in terms of MNP.

Note – make sure that you send the application before 15 days or submit it within the last 10 days.

  • To ensure timely submission of your request, you must immediately go to any of the nearest retail stores of a new service provider to proceed with the procedures. You need to fill up few important documents with your information like your name, address, nationality and UPC code. Make sure that don’t forget to mention UPC code, as it is an important based on which the entire MNP process will move further.
  • Now, the new service provider will send the request to the old company asking for the details about applicant’s pending dues and other issues. Based on the request placed, the existing service provider will send the information to the new company.
  • You will get information regarding the current status of the rejection and approval within the 2 days via SMS. The final decision of approving or rejecting your request will be taken by the donor service provider.
  • Once the approval has been received by the new service provider, you calling facility will be barred for two days until the transfer is completed. As for the rule laid by TRAI has, been tire process should be completed within for working days from the date of application.
  • Finally, the process is successfully completed and your calling would be enabled by the new service provider on your same old number with new tariff plans.  You will be notified about the same through an SMS.
  • Make sure that you can avail MNP service once in 90 days.

Mobile Number Portability For All Major Service Providers:

(I’ll update this part regularly)

BSNL mobile number portability.

MNP service is boon for the users, as it empowers them with freedom to choose any service provider without having to lose their existing numbers. This facility has triggered a cutthroat competition in the market, which compels all the service providers to attract customers by fulfilling there demands. Moreover, they provide lucrative offers to the person who send request for the porting their service providers.

Once the request is initiated through customer care, they would try and find out what exactly is the problem and will help you solve it.  They also try to retain their customers by offering them attractive benefits on the existing tariff plans.



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