Normally, you do not get the source file of applications on windows and hence you won’t be able to customize the application to suit your need. But now, with the help of eXeSope, you can play around(extract, rewrite and display) with the meta information of the windows based executable files like EXE’s, DLL’s OCX’s and such.

So if you do not like the way an application looks or if you want to modify the look n feel and size of the text of the application, you can do it all. And the best part is, you do not need the source code of the application to do any of these changes.

Modify, Edit And Customize Windows Applications Size, Font, Menu Arrangement of Dialog, etc.,

Some of the typical usage of eXeScope are:

> Change font type face and size
> Change size and position of dialog boxes or forms
> Change the arrangement of controls in forms
> Change text in message boxes
> Change text of menus
> Change assignment of accelerator keys
> Export icon, cursor, bitmap, AVI, WAVE, MIDI, JPEG, GIF, etc.
> Rewrite icon, cursor, bitmap, AVI, WAVE, MIDI, JPEG, GIF, etc.
> Examine imported DLLs.
> Examine exported functions of DLL/ActiveX/OCX

eXeScope is a Shareware and costs $20.

[ Download eXeScope Trial ]


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