Recently, I was having conversations with Tom, owner of (a very humble and nice person to interact with 🙂 ), on how he is updated about his services/websites being mentioned by online media. Tom explained in detail, all the services he uses that alerts him, almost instantly, when there is a mention about him, or any of his service/s online !

Using these services you too can monitor what is being discussed about you, your website or anything that interests you:

1> To start with, there’s Google Alerts. Enter the topic you wish to monitor, it can be your website, your name or anything you want to be informed about. Select how often you to receive emails and click on create alert.

If there are updates in the Google system about the topics you have entered, you get an update mail with relevant links pointing to the source.

2> Then you can use Google BlogSearch. Search for the topic you want information about, your name, your website or anything else. The result will be sorted by relevance (you have option to sort by date as well), and you can subscribe to the results via RSS. Check the Subscribe option in the left sidebar.

3> Similarly you can use Technorati – You have an option to subscribe to the search results.

4> Finally, there is a new website by Tom, which he actually uses to find social media mentions of his sites, but you can use this for any other websites or even just search for topics that interest you:

Very Recent is designed to be a simple tool for tracking your site’s mentions via social media websites, blog search, news search, etc… and can also be a simple tool for doing competitive research and/or brand monitoring.

[ Visit VeryRecent ]


  1. Hi Gautam,

    Wow, thanks for all the nice words!

    I’m very glad that I could help you out by giving you this information.

    Stay in touch,

    Tom Churm


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