Monitor Your PCs Memory Usage With The Help Of Usage Monitor

You must have noticed that some applications consume a lot of memory while running as a result of which your computer becomes slow or sometimes even stops responding. To prevent your PC from being overloaded due to unnecessary memory consumption, you need to monitor its memory usage.

Usage Monitor is the best software utility that helps you monitor your PC’s memory usage. It also alerts you so that you can take appropriate action before your PC stops responding. Usage Monitor allows you to set a predefined maximum memory usage limit. It efficiently monitors the memory usage by various applications and alerts you the moment it hits the predefined limit.


This tiny utility which consumes just 1.16MB of disk space is capable of monitoring the memory usage by any kind of processes running on your Windows OS from the background. Apart from monitoring memory usage, Usage Monitor also helps you keep track of user object or GDI. It allows you to set a maximum memory usage limit for any process that you wish to monitor.

The moment the limit is hit, Usage Monitor alerts you using various different ways depending on how you have configured the alarm type. You can opt to show a message box, to display a pop-up message at the taskbar, to show a flash effect on the Taskbar or to execute a file. Version of Usage Monitor can be downloaded free of charge. This utility supports Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista.


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