If you are looking to morph images online for fun, then MorphThing is the place to be. Using this cool online tool, you can morph your image with celebrities photos or other any other photo of your choice.

You need to be registered to use the full feature of MorphThing. Unregistered users can play around with celebrities photos. But by registering yourself, you’ll have an array of extra features, which you’ll surely enjoy. Some of the advantages of registering are:

1> You can morph your celebrities photos with your photos

2> You can morph your photos with your friends and families photos

There are some guide lines at MorphThing, following which will ensure the morphed results will be of good quality.

Some fun uses of this Service are:

1> If you have a blog, about politics or celebrities, then you can have a fun ‘Guess who’ kind of contests 🙂

2> Create your own fun comic series, as there is also another feature in which you can add comments in speech voice bubble boxes 🙂

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Here’s an example of how you can morph pictures, I’m trying to morph BradPitt, Beyonce Knowles, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez and Barack Obama.

Morph Free Online Celebrities Friends Family Own Photos

And the end result looks something like this :

Morph Free Online Celebrities Friends Family Own Photos


  1. @Rads – if you are a registered user, then your data won’t be shared with others. However, I suggest you read their privacy guidelines before putting your pic up.


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