At last! The tough look Motorola DEFY is out in the market, available at all stores including Germany, costing about 350 euros. Its rugged exterior makes it different though not very attractive yet very sturdy. Its main attraction was its IP67 specifications, plus its guarantee protection from dust, water and accidents.

Check out the latest images of Motorola DEFY images : link.

We all know that some time or other, our carelessness brings damage to our phones causing scratches or cracks. But you can now relax as DEFY spells technology of a high level making sure that accidents and mishandling are looked after by the tough Gorilla glass. This glass is also one of the main attractions of this device.

The Corning Gorilla Glass comes with a 3.7 inch WVGA capacity touch screen known for being scratch proof, dust proof and water proof. It also possesses great tensile power. It is apparently created to easily manage and maintain everything that life throws your way!

You can also notice features like 800MHz processor with 512 MB RAM, 2GB onboard storage facility and the already fitted swipe software enabling quick text entries. All this makes it different from the Motorola Milestone. You can see it in two colours black and white on black. The display details contain an edge to edge with a WVGA 480×854 pixel resolution.

The DEFY is supposed to run the Android 2.1.a.k.a Éclair and along with the MOTOBLUR U1 it emerges unique from all other Android devices available. Motorola’s patent Motoblur interface helps streaming messages and updates, safeguards your data, maintains the battery and wipes out data incase your phone is lost or stolen.

It comes loaded with 5MP Auto Focus camera with LED flash, an inbuilt GPS receiver and support for HSPA, Wi-Fi with DLNA, Bluetooth and 1540 mAh battery. You can avail the Motorola DEFY for as low as 1euro on contract and the SIM-free gadget will cost 350 euros.

It measures about 59x107x13.4 mm and weighs about 114 gms. The handset possessing Crystal Talk Plus, where sound canceling microphones are used to enable you to filter out unwanted noises, comes as a bonus point!

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