Mount Varieties Of Files As Virtual Folder With Pismo File Mounter

We often use winrar or winzip when we need to compress any huge files, so that it doesn’t take too much hard disk’s space. Now when we need to access those files we just unzip it in another folder and use it, but this takes extra steps and becomes cumbersome. To get rid from all this, you can use a free third party tool which works efficiently.

Pismo File Mount, a handy tool which allows us to mount the zipped files directly to the system file without unzipping the zipped files. This way we can completely ignore the step to unzip the files to access them.



This application can easily mount the files with ISO, ZIP Compact file set, private folders, and even CompactISO extensions in the Windows. You just need to launch the files once and then it will run at the background, reserving a place at system tray. Now when you need to mount any file, right click on ISO or ZIP Compact file set, private folders and even CompactISO files, then click on quick mount, or mount from the menu.

If you choose mount, then select more option like access mode, mount visibility, a map of a virtual folder, but with quick mount these options are not available. Prismo File Mount works well with operating systems like Windows XP, 2000, Vista and even Windows 7. This is a freeware and handy third party tool.


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