Mandriva is one strange bit…err, distro. Even though Hunter and I have the same repos enabled still I don’t see the packages that he can.. strangeness.

Ok so here’s how the story goes: I got Kung-Fu Panda, but it’s a .CUE file. Now VLC plays cue files perfectly however the audio tends to jump. So i had to fix that. The only way was to get CDemu, a CD-ROM simulator. Right so go software manager> search> install.. If only things were as easy as they sounded.

Although the package manager installed CDemu, dkms-CDemu, python-CDemu and KCDemu just fine, it took me awhile and a whole lot of searching later to realize that, it did not install the core component: CDemud (CDemu Daemon).

Right, so I figured I’d get the cdemud src and compile it by hand, for which i needed another load of packages (snfile-devel, libdaemon-devel, bacc parser), Okay got all that…NOW i needed libmirage, i found an rpm for my arch but that damn thing won’t install without getting jadetex and dvips (some 50+mb of packages mainly relating to postscript).

I also had to get cdemu-kernel and cdemu-kernel-laptop packages. Funny thing about cdemu-kernel package is when i checked the files it had installed, by clicking on its entry in the software manager, it said 0 files.. without this package, the cdemu-kernel-laptop won’t install FYI.

Despite installing the libmirage rpm, ./configure of cdemud src was still saying it couldn’t find libmirage.

Right then Hunter told me to get subversion and via that get libmirage from cdemu’s svn, run a ./configure, here we went wrong because i always kept installing libmirage in a non standard PKG_CONFIG_PATH, always remember kids: ./configure —prefix/=usr

so finally libmirage being installed where it should be, headed towards making cdemu and yay! it compiled and just..jussst when I thought I was all set, only last thing, I had completely ignored the vhba module.

Right so getting down to that, now I needed linux kernel source, oh great! just darn great… some 46MB download. I also got this cute lil konqueror service menu, MountISO, which adds a service menu to .cue files for easier mounting via right click.

Then in between I removed some kernel package, am not sure what I did, that wrecked my mandriva and I had install the system again, which of course not a big deal, cause I had my /home intact.

Thus went an entire wednesday and Hunter’s patience in trying to get things to work for me.

Moral of the Story: KIDS, don’t download anything in godforsaken formats as .CUE.

P.S: I converted the .CUE file to .ISO using bchunk and this script.

P.P.S: If you did not understand the fun in this, then please avoid commenting.


  1. Agree this thing was a PITA in the past, for Ubuntu natty & onwards, there is a ppa repository for cdemu, and everything just works, even down to copy protected cd images for old games with wine.


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