Moving The Mozilla Firefox Disk Cache In To Another Drive

Mozilla Firefox automatically assigns 50MB for disk cache and saves this in “cache” directory, by default which is located in the drive in which the browser has been installed by default. The users can have a look at the cache directory in that location by just typing ‘config’ in address bar of Firefox. The mechanism of disk cache is to improve the time which takes for reading or writing into a hard disk.

The execution will be more evident if Firefox installation is on disk of Solid State, which is not desirable for any write operation. That disk is quite fast in reading but little bit slower in writing section.

So, it is good if we move the disk cache from Firefox into separate drives for getting better performances and for security purpose.

The location where cache is stored can be altered by bringing the “browser.cache.disk.parent_directory” and then entering folder path. For doing it, type about: config within Firefox address bar. Then right click on your mouse; from the menu select New String.

Just type in, browser.cache.disk.parent_directory in the dialog box. Also type the cache location’s new path, for example d:\temp. After this is specified, then a new directory known as “Cache” will automatically be created where you have set the path.


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