Mozilla Firefox – Get Rid Of SPB Wallet Toolbar

SPB Wallet Toolbar which is basically an add-on in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer helps you fill in username and password into the respective credential fields on the Website login pages automatically. Even after you uninstall the Desktop version of spb Wallet, spb Wallet Toolbar still remains active and intact within the Firefox toolbar customization.

Moreover, if you try to uninstall “spb Wallet Toolbar” via “Add-ons” Window in Mozilla Firefox, the “uninstall” button corresponding to the add-on “spb Wallet Toolbar” will be disabled and appear to be grayed out.

SPB Wallet Toolbar is nothing but a globally installed extension which needs to be removed or deleted manually from the Firefox web browser. Follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Navigate to the Firefox installation folder. You will generally find it at the location “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox”.
  • Within the installation folder, double-click on the folder “Extensions” to open it.
  • You will find a sub-folder by the name “[email protected]”. You need to simply delete this folder to remove or delete SPB Toolbar from Mozilla Firefox.

Before deleting the folder “[email protected]”, you may verify whether it is actually the extension corresponding to “Spb Wallet Toolbar”. To do so, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You need to go to the folder “[email protected]”, and look for the file “install.rdf”.
  • Now, open the file “install.rdf” in any text editor such as Notepad.
  • Search for the line “<em:name>Spb Wallet Toolbar</em:name>”. This line signifies that it is extension corresponding to “Spb Wallet Toolbar”.


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