In the modern unwired world nobody wants to carry gadgets but they want to enjoy the features various modern instruments offer. As a result, innovative scientists are increasingly making gadgets smaller and more portable and on the other side, fashion designers are creating clothes which have built in electronic goods such as cameras, MP3 players, etc. The popularity of clothing with built-in gadget controls is rising every day and the concept is becoming increasingly common. From mini-skirts to pinstriped suits, the availability of a variety of technology-enabled clothing and accessories have increased with the demand. One of the new areas where this is set to expand is tech-friendly sportswear whose market is expanding exponentially.

The latest product to hit markets is the “Micro Sensor MP3 Bib” from Pearl Izumi. This unique gadget goes a step ahead than most of the electronically embedded clothes. While most of these clothes include controls sewn into the fabric. The Micro Sensor has its MP3 player integrated inside it. This cycling bib actually includes an integrated 512MB MP3 player along with its embedded controls, which are strategically placed for easy access. This will ensure highest safety for the rider and keep his concentration on both the music and the road.

Cyclists have complained that if they were listening to their favorite song they would have probably won the race. For those cribbing sportsmen comes the Micro Sensor MP3 bib. This cutting edge, user and tuner friendly sports wear, the Cycling Bib features a compact, yet powerful MP3 player.

Conceptualized and designed by cycling and fashion experts at Pearl Izumi, the Micro Sensor MP3 Bib is priced at a mere $500 and comes into the spotlight with the latest in high-tech fabrics (everything from Micro Sensor mesh to “3D Pro Stretch Chamois,” whatever that is), along with a 512MB MP3 player sewn into the left shorts leg, complete with Blue tooth and embedded buttons that let you skip tracks and tweak the volume. No, 512MB of MP3 storage won’t exactly last you through the entire Tour de France (it’s good for about eight hours of music or so), but heyโ€”it’s better than losing the race by a hair, right?

After all this is the first offering and it is very good and has become very popular among bikers and music enthusiasts in a short time. Innovators at Peral Izumi will soon work and make embeddable Mp3 players which will feature a larger memory, discourage etc.



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