MP3 Players For Kids

MP3 players are just not limited to teenagers and elders. These days MP3 players are coming up to be considered as a kid’s favorite toy. The product is so much in demand that it even beats Barbie’s as the most sold products in different stores.

The latest MP3 player also known as Ribbit is a MP3 player that looks like a frog. The player features two eyes just like those of frogs and a round shape resembling that of a frogs head. The dimension of this product is 1.5 x 1.27 x .93 inches. This is not just portable but is pretty adorable too.


The main features of this player are a memory of 1GB, OLED display, playlist support, eight different EQ modes and voice recorder. The player has seven languages pre-installed in it. Marked at a price of $25, the Ribbit is available in colors like green, pink, grey, blue and purple.


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