Multi-Compress Files and Folders in UPX, ZIP and 7z Formats Using ArcThemAll

Nowadays, there are lots of applications available for compression formats. As there is a wide variety of these compression formats available in market, different users may have preferred different type of compression formats, which is best suited to their condition and requirements.

However, if you are regularly downloading different archived files with variety of formats from different websites, then you have to install other archive applications on your computer to decompress, and read the downloaded files.

Don’t you ever think about the application that will compress/decompress files with variety of compression formats and you need not to install them separately? So, here is the solution for your problem, a compression tool called ArcThemAll. This application includes three compression formats as upx, zip and 7z all into a single tool.

ArcThemAll is a free of cost application and you don’t have to pay even a single cent to use it. It is a simple app and not like the other, all-in-one compression tool. You can use it by simply running the executable file and there is no need of any installation. Compressing any file or folder is quite simple. Simply select files and folders that you want to compress and set the compression format like upx, zip and 7z and compression level.

There are three types of compression level namely, single archive per folder, normal compression, and single archive per file. Now, tick on Go button to start compressing. Just modify the operation mode by selecting Decompress and chased by archives while decompress zip or 7z files.

One of the main features is encryption of zip and 7z files are allowed by ArcThemAll. To encrypt 7z and zip archives simply go to Options and click on Encrypt 7z and zip archives. Just go to the following link and download it.



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