Multiple Whatsapp on iPhone Without Jailbreak

Some users have been asking me how to install two copies of Whatsapp on iPhone without jailbreaking it. It is understandable that some users might have two numbers and would want to use them on Whatsapp on the same phone. Until now, this was not possible. Now, there is a simple way to install multiple Whatsapp on iPhone without jailbreak. Please follow the steps below.

Please note that all the information is “as it is”. If anything goes wrong on your phone, I am not responsible for it.

Multiple Whatsapp on iPhone without Jailbreak

Install Multiple Whatsapp on iPhone without Jailbreak

  • Make sure you already have Whatsapp installed on your phone. Get if from the app store if you have not got it already.
  • Use the browser on your iPhone and go to the following URL:¬†
  • Click on the link for Whatsapp 2.
  • The Whatsapp 2 will have an orange icon. Click on the green button to download.
  • Once you have finished downloading, install the application. OR, if you get “install” when you click on the green button, click on install to download and install the application.
  • After the installation is done, open Settings>General>Profile
  • Your phone will ask you if you want to Trust VNE Software. Click on the button to confirm.
  • Now, the installation is complete. You can verify this copy of Whatsapp as you did with the original. Note that you have to use a second phone number for the verification.

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Disclaimer: The above app is from a source that is not trusted by Apple. You are to proceed at your own risk in installing the application. I am not responsible for any problems caused to your phone by installation of this app.

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