Multipurpose Utility Tool Twitter Gadget Let’s To Tweet On Gmail

The Recent launch of new utility tool called Twitter Gadget has attracted a mass of gmail users. This is a multipurpose utility tool, and it supports gmail users to simultaneously stay connected to their twitter account and gmail account.

Gmail users can easily tweet on their twitter accounts while checking the mails on gmail account. This gadget is one of the gmail’s advanced lab feature, it displays a tiny icon on your Gmail account’s left side navigation bar. From here users can easily login to their twitter accounts and remain connected.

Users can easily post a new formal public statement or read other users public statements from any exclusive connection. To log on to their twitter accounts users need to simply enter their account information such as login-username and password under the provided space, then just hit enter on your keyboard you’ll be automatically connected to your twitter account on gmail’s platform.

Now, once logged in, users can send or read mails and also they can send or read twitter announcements in same window, and that too from their “Gmail-Account”.

In order to make this twitter gadget functional, users don’t have to either download or install any application on their respective computer systems. As this gadget is a simple platform or base for twitter users (Web Version2.0AJAX).

So, just enjoy the benefits of gmail’s-lab-feature and utilize twitter on your Gmail account.

The important features of twitter gadget are:

  • Users can toggle-thumbnails to ON/OFF.
  • Users can get time-stamps with proclamation sources
  • Users can send and receive fresh tweets
  • Users can get rapid loading and auto-refresh by default for every 3 minutes.

Guide to enable twitter gadget on Gmail account are as follows:

  • Firstly, users need to login to their gmail account.
  • Now, navigate through settings option and select the option “labs”.
  • Now, just enable the “add-gadget-by-URL” option.
  • Now, save the settings made.

After the preference settings are stored as mentioned above, just follow the steps mentioned underneath:

  • Again navigate through settings option and select the new option namely “gadget”.
  • Now, enter the web link mentioned underneath, in the “Gadgets-text-box”.
  • URL:
  • Now, save these settings to start utilizing your twitter on Gmail.

Henceforth users can see their twitter gadget displayed as a small icon on their gmail accounts left side of navigation bar on and they can remain connected to their twitter account on gmail platform.


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