If you have little or no computer troubleshooting experience, then this article is for you. With windows. there is always a possibility of, nothing showing up on your computers monitor when you turn it on. You can find the root cause of the possible problem, if you debug in a systematic order.

When you switch on your PC the BIOS performs a series of diagnostic tests known as the Power On Self Test (POST). This involves checking the systems hardware components and their configuration.

To start with, when your system bootup process starts, you’ll see the BIOS message which will have the name of the graphics card and its memory capacity. This is an indication that your graphics card is being initialized and is working well enough. If bootup stops at this point then the problem is most likely to we with the graphics card.

Next comes the BIOS startup display, where you’ll see details of your BIOS chip and also what key to hit in order to enter the BIOS setup program. When you hit Enter, the system performs the memory test. If the memory test doesn’t start, then there might be a problem with your systems memory. If there is, then you’ll get appropriate error messages and you proceed according to the that.

Next comes detection of IDE devices such as hard drives and CD-ROM/DVD drives. If you get an error message which says system is having trouble identifying one or more of the IDE devices, then mostly the problem is with these devices or its configuration.

The BIOS will now attempt to identify any Plug and Play devices in the system. A hang up here is usually caused by an expansion card such as a modem or sound card. The card could be faulty or causing a resource conflict. Try unplugging all the cards in turn and restarting each time.

Plug & Play is a uniform standard adopted by all the major computer manufacturers. It allows a device to be installed to a system as painlessly as possible.

By now the system has identified all the hardware in the system. You should now see a system configuration summary detailing all the hardware it has found.

The BIOS will now attempt to find and load the operating system. First it will look in the floppy drive and then the hard drive. This will be indicated by lights and physical activity in the respective drives. Any failure at this stage indicates problems with the floppy or hard disk drives or their contents. If the operating system loads or begins to load then the hardware part of the boot process has been successful.

Pay careful attention to any beeps you might hear on starting up you PC. This is the BIOS telling you something is amiss. Remember that a single beep on startup is normal and indicates that everything is OK.


  1. Hello Dears;

    My Computer Monitor Doesn’t Show Disply , the Pc is On but the Monitore doesn’t show the disply , i need your help .. if you can help me please guide me by this email add: [email protected]


  2. my computer is not showing anything except the screen mercury kobian.net…. i dont have a proper knowledge of systms…. so please help me to ovrcm my problm…

  3. my computer did’not show anything after instalationof up date of bios from internet. key board also not detect by computer.

  4. @jake

    attach the vga cable to the graphic port by tightening the screw to the graphic port.
    it may be you turn the vga cable upside down during when you are attaching it to your computer

  5. i builded a new computer but used my old ATI X1300 pro which i need for the monitor bcuz my motherboard doesnt have a monitor connector , when i start the computer nothing happens , the monitor is black screen , Wth IS GOING ON ?????? , I REally need help ppl , i need to play games !!!

  6. hi my names trish and i have a computer that was working great then all of a sudden when i turned it on.. the screen would not work and when i checked my power cable…. i notice 4 little red lights on inb the back. i thinks its an error. and my keyboard nor mouse is being detected.

    can some one please help……

  7. Hey my PC monitor is constantly flashing from Blue (Meaning that it is on) to Brown (Meaning that their is no connection to the monitor on) and when I start up the computer the monitor still continues to flash and there is no picture coming up, the PC is running fine and everything, I just wanted to know if there is any way that I can fix this problem with my PC monitor and whether or not I have to buy a new monitor?

  8. hey well i have a problem, i turn on my computer and the monitor is just black, and nothing appears, right now im on a differnt monitor but i dont like it lol, so yeah nothing will come up, and on the side of the monitor the blue little light is on were u turn the monitor on and stuff and still i cant see anything, i clik the little blue power button but it still doesnt show up? do you possibly know what the problem is? if you culd help me out id really appreciate, thank you

  9. there are employees abusing the internet at work…my manager gave me a list of the company I.P.Adresses but i don’t know how to find out or do the evaluation as to who is responsible and my manager needs an answer by Wednesday,please help!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi thee, I have the same problem I just replaced the psu unit after it was damaged due to a brown out, you might consider it a power surge. When I boot the pc, there is no display on the screen and a 3 short beep is heard. can some one help me, i try everything recommended but things did not work out.

  11. @Adi – Looks like the problem is with the RAM. If you have an idea to remove your RAM, then do it and clean it with a piece of soft cloth. If you have no idea how to go about, then go to the nearest computer shop and get it checked. That should solve the problem.

  12. hi gautam.. I have been encountering a problem with my computer… the thing is when I switch on my computer all the lights of the cpu(ie from cd drive,floppy drive etc) is on & the monitor seems to be in standby mode(ie, green light keeps flashing).. then i get a beep sound from the cpu & I dont get any display from my monitor….. I don’t know what the problem is …. cud u help me with this….

  13. hi gautam.. I have been encountering a problem with my computer… the thing is when I switch on my computer all the lights of the cpu(ie from cd drive,floppy drive etc) is on & the monitor seems to be in standby mode(ie, green light keeps flashing).. then i get a beep sound from the cpu & I dont get any display from my monitor….. I don’t know what the problem is …. cud u help me with this….

  14. My computer power light comes on but moniter stays blank with the power light on it shining orange it beeps 3 times does a click and beeps 3 more all together for 6 beeps. i dont know whats going on with it please help me out. nothing comes up from the moment i turn it on. its just beeps

  15. When i switch on the computer shows long beep sound continuesly and there is no display in monitor and the keyboard lights are not on help me is this the problem with memory?

  16. The problem of my computer is that it does’t give display on monitor in first time. And the computer seems to be started.
    After a few minutes (About 3 minutes) it restarts again and then gives the display on monitor.
    Even my pc is working properly but why it does’t start in first time?
    Please help me.

  17. My computer does not display anything on the screen, i tried replacing the processor, RAM and graphics card, it did not display still. is it possible that my motherboard is burnt yet the light on the board is showing and the fun is running? i further tried the processor in another machine with a working mother board and it did not display.

    This made me think that both the motherboard and the processor are damaged. do you think i am right?

    All this happen after entering an HP serial number that was required by the machine. as soon as i entered it and clicked on the sumit button, it stopped responding. I restarted by pressing the power button and the machine could not display on the screen. I don’t even get the single beep. Please help.

  18. when ever i use my computer for a long time and get a chance to restart it means then im facing the problem that the monitor and keyboard are not working . Then I’ll switch of it and try after few hours later to make keyboard and monitor working as regular.but at the time of problem the DVD drive will work well also processor fan , optical mouse will blink but keyboard and monitor wont work……plzzzz help me to get rid of t

  19. Hi, I have a problem with my pc. I power on my pc and it boots but nothing shows on the monitor. the power light on the monitor turns from green to orange.
    I have tried to use the monitor with another cpu, it took 5 minutes and came on then after some time it went off and the light remained orange.
    could you please help?

  20. hi! iv’e also got a problem with my computer. the screen wont show anything. ive tried replacing the videocard into another computer and it works so its something with my computer. ive checked the hard drive on another computer to se if its a virus but its not so please help me!!

  21. Hi; i need help. When i turn my computer on i hear the fan running; but there is no beep, and no display in my monitor. I switched the monitor to my laptop to ensure it was ok, and it still works, but i cant seem to get display from my desktop, also my mouse and keyboard dont do anything. What are your thoughts?….and there havent been any storms to give it a surge

  22. My old HD started having problems a while ago, so i went out and bought a new WD 500G SATA HD. I installed it today and after installing i turned my computer back on and the disk spins up, the computer beeps as normal, the disk useage lights up at the front of the computer, but the display wont work (not my monitor at fault).
    I checked all connections and the RAM, but it still wont display anything on the monitor. Since the new HD wont work, I tried connecting the old HD which previously had display, now has the same problem. I’m thinking when I installed the new HD I may have moved something like the video card or something(even though the video card securely in the slot.. Weird) Im pretty sure its only the display that isnt working because i can tell that even though theres no display, the Hard Drive and Windows 7 CD ROM is still spinning when it boots and I can boot it to the disk (still with no display, just the CD Drive spinning really fast). If anyone could help me solve this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

    The new type of Harddrive is a WD 5000AAKS SATAII.
    Is SATA II a ‘plug and play’ easy to install HD?

    more detail here:

  23. hey guys im kinda bummed to get on forums to check my own worrk… lol but here goes… im having a problem with a computer i was fixing and upgrading for a friend… i formated the hdd and re-installed windows xp… the pc powered on and worked but for some reason it did not have an ethernet driver… so… i put the driver on my flash drive and plugged the pc back in .. and viola… the POS posts at me and goes blank…. the post code was 1 long beep about 3-5 sec.. followed by 2 rapid…. i looked this up already on the net and came up with either the ic chip fried and i gotta buy the friend a new mobo…. or the video adapter went out…. im hoping its the video… it seems it is… my keyboard does work… i can use ctrl alt del.. to reset the pc in the first seconds and i can use the sleep buton to shut down after a few mins… but no monitor….. anyone got something to help me… im honestly at a wall here… even with my technical academy background…. how the hell do i install a graphics card with no monitor!!!

  24. My monitor works. I have a graphics card installed. I’m running XP. When I boot up, I hear the Windows Startup sounds but nothing is displayed on my monitor. I have to switch to the other monitor input to use my computer. So pretty much each time I want to use my computer, I have to get to the back & switch my monitor between the graphics card input & the standard one, depending on which one was used last. Again, the monitor works, but not if I leave it in the same input jack. Any ideas?

  25. Hey umm my pc will not show the the name of the mother board… normally when i start mine up it shows the name on the screen… and usually theres a beep… but theres not… i unplugged my RAM and plugged it back in…. didnt work… but before all that it was working fine… i think it was because i accidentally hit the Use Optimal Default button…….. i was seeing if i could locate my hard drive but ever since i hit it… it hasnt done squat!!!! NEED ALOT OF HELP!! PLEASE MY PC HAS BEEN DOWN FOR MONTHS AND FINALLY WHEN I DO GET IT WORKING IT DOESNT!!!

  26. replace mother board with a 730A nvidia EVGA.blankscreen after post.If card is in the PCIEx16 it disables video through the onboard as well.It did this on my previous motherboard.I replcaed because i thought the bios/chipset was restricting bandwidth to the slot apperently this is not the case.What would cause a card too disable video completely?

  27. i am having problems aswell – my computer when i turn it on the screen lights up – then it says “gprs mode on standby” and goes off but the light is on and the computer is still on – and i dont know how to get the monitor to come off standby. i got given the computer and knows it works perfect and got given the screen off someone else and know that works. just dont know why they wont work together…… any ideas ???? cplease email me on [email protected] if you know – thankyou

  28. I have a similar problem, when i switch on my pc the monotor remains in standby mode, it does not display the POST screen. I reckon the problem is the RAM. i have tried using different RAM sticks but problem is persistent.
    Also want someone to help how to clean my RAM, last time i cleaned with spirits but it stopped working, please help?

  29. i switch on the computer but nothing is displayed on my monitor.Initially i heard some beep but later nothing .Pls help me

  30. when we were playing cars game the computersuddenly turned of.the next i tried to turn on,but the monitor is blank,a beep sound came fromm the cpu.what does the beep sound tells or indicate.how can this problen be solved.iusually have this problem.my nvidia graphic card which is 1 gb do not have problem i think so

  31. i have a no start up bios problem.i have a MCP61PM-GM mother board and a nvidia 275 gpu.amd phenom quad 2.3ghz processcor.ok here it goes i just got this newgpu from manufacturer pre-tested.I know my pci slot is good because my old ati works i have more then enough power 250 watts and 40 amps over(TX750W).my cmputer runs fine with the ati.ive tried removing all things from pci slots because i thought i might have an IRQ conflict no dice.Single short beep on power up POST test.i also reset bios thruough battery removal method when i removed expansion cards. lets also asume i intalled it properly i cant figure out why in the world in wont work.i also tried uninstalling ati driver then running it no dice.do i need to remove physx?Windows vista 32 bit.

  32. My computer will bootup, beep once and will display and clear the motherboard splash screen but even though Windows XP is actually loading the monitor just remains blank and does not update the screen.The workaround I found is that after booting my PC, I simply turn off the monitor once the splash screen has cleared and turn it back on again a minute or so later.It seems like the monitor is not ready when the computer boots up but this workaround works for me and saves me the job of constantly re-booting.

  33. Hi i need help, my computer boots up fully going through all the steps then it goes into the windows xp loading bar when thats finished my screen goes completely blank. I can still type in my password blindly and log in (i can hear the log in noise) but i still cant hear anything. What do i do is this a resolution problem? Also i get an error message say invalid boot.ini file and i fixed it via online forum but it doesnt go away

  34. PLS HELP ME….. i have a pc problem. when it boots up it doesnt show anything… its all black nothing shows anything like bios.. and my monitor is only in standby mode “the light blinks”. the last thing i did is that i overclocked my CPU in the bios in startup and i increased it from 2.80ghz to 3.50ghz when ive saved it and it booted up again then thats it nothing shows in boot startup.. how can i deal with this prob.. pls help me..

  35. I have a problem with my PC when I boot or power on my PC iit does not show a signal in the monitor ever since I bought a TV card but when i take off the TV card it show no signal.

  36. Gautam

    hey, tel me something, how possible is it that the motherboard is burnt, when the light on the board is showing and the CPU fun is running….could it just be that the RAM Slots alone burnt..? because am finding it so strange that i cant get any beeps without the RAMS on the board. Hey thanks for your help.

  37. @Richard – It seems to be a problem with the mother board. Can you get it checked before buying another one. It’s a bit difficult to asses the problem sitting away from the computer 🙁

  38. @ Gautam well i have cleaned the RAM and the Slot of the RAM, but still they is no show on the screen…besides they is no beep if i remove the two RAMs and switch the PC on..Could it be possible that all the three slots are burnt…and if so does it mean i have to buy another motherboard….

  39. @Richard – Possibilities are there for the RAM slot to be burnt. But before concluding it’s worth cleaning the RAM and fixing it. Let me know what happens.

  40. @Raymond – Does the monitor light blink ? If it does, then get your RAM checked. Else it might be a problem with your Graphics card.

  41. when my pc boot the screen does not appear but the welcome notification sound pops out.show that the pc has boot to windows mode .

  42. Thanks GAUTAM

    ok i will just have to clean it, but hey i also tried using another RAM chip…because the type of RAM is an SDR-RAM…when i did try, they was no sign and besides, they is no beep to also indicate that they is no RAM on the board…Could it be that the slot for RAM are burnt or what…

  43. my computer switches on, but the monitor does not go on..i tried to change the graphics card to another computer, then it worked meaning that the graphics card is ok. the fun thing is that the keyboard is going on well, but just the signal to the monitor is not showing anything. i tried to remove the RAM, but they is no beep to let me know that the RAM is missing…can you please help

  44. @Emmanuel – Have you checked your RAM ? If not please do that. If your RAM’s working fine then it seems like your Mother Board is out. Best to take professional help before deciding anything.

  45. Hi..I recently replaced the power supply.and the PC is running…It is a dimension 2400, I can’t get the mouse, keyboard (all usbs) to work. Even the monitor doesn’t work for the onboard vga and the nvidia graphics card i bought. The fan is running real good. I replaced the power supply, but nothing works. Even the diagnostics is all blank. At times it goes green at letter D then the light disappears.. I tried my mp3 if it would charge, and it charges! I’m stumped i dont know if the mother board is dead or not/ Please help

  46. @Emmanuel – We cannot rule away the chances that a surge in voltage might have damaged you computer. It’s advisable to get it checked by a professional. Also if you do not use a Spike buster, you should consider using one. It is used to protect any electronic devices from spikes in AC voltage.

  47. no not that i can remember.. i remember the monitor blank and blinking. as if on standby.and the diagnostic lights going orange at the back of the cpu…neither mouse nor keyboard worked, the power supply blew..im gonna replace the power supply and see what happens..do u think because it blew it might fry the mother board? if it turns on I wil write back to u thanks for ur help

  48. @Emmanuel – Was there any power outage or abrupt spike when your system was on ? Anything specific you remember that would have happened, which possibly can be the reason of something burnt the wires/cables internally ? Too difficult to diagnose the problem.

    It seems like a hardware failure to me.

  49. nope i dont get any..when i plugged in the monitor i found out it wasn’t working..it was as if it was in stand by, but when i clicked the mouse and pressed the keyboard it didnt go on. That;s when i realised that the keyboard and mouse weren’t working. I thought maybe it was computer hardware problem – cause they used usb.but the mouse blinks but the light doesnt stay on. So i plugged in my mp3 player and it is charging..im not sure what is going on..but if the mp3 is charging then why is the monitor, keyboard, and mouse not responding at all? the fact that I can’t see the damn screen makes it hard to diagnose..any help or idea? im thinking of replacing the power supply and see if it is because of less power distribution or sumthing

  50. The PC is on..but nothin shows on the moNItor not even the damn BIOS..how am i supposed to iuninstall the nvidia graphics when i cant see anything??? im pure sad


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