This is a very common question most laptop owners will have – How Can I Clean My Laptop Screen at Home ? ?

If you travel frequently, like I do, then chances are that your laptop screen will get dirty very quick ! I generally try to make sure it doesn’t get dirty, but if you are a photographer who frequently uses the laptop to take back up of photos, then you’ll pretty much know my state :). It’s kinda unavoidable.

I did look around for some solutions and tried this which I found on geeksaresexy and it surely was convincing and also kinda easy as it is almost home made ‘recipe’. Before cleaning your laptop, make sure your computer is switched off and is disconnected from all the power supplies.

Mix 100 ml of Isopropyl alcohol (don’t worry, it is used to clean electronics), and 100 ml of distilled water. Care should be taken to keep the ratio equal, ie. 50 : 50 and put the mixture in a spaying bottle. Don’t use tap water, as normally tap water will have a lot of other minerals dissolved which will leave white smears on your laptop screen if used.

Next is to find a good quality, soft piece of microfiber cloth to clean the LCD. Do not use tissue paper at any cost ! Using tissue paper is as good as using sandpaper on your laptop screen, and trust me the damages will be unrepairable ! If you do not know what kind of cloth you should use, head to your nearest optical shop and get an extra piece of cloth they use to clean the spectacle glasses. They are the best choice.

Take the piece of soft cloth and dampen it with mixture you’ve made. Wipe the LCD display gently, in one direction, either top to bottom or right to left, there’s no particular method you have to follow.  Make sure you never spray the liquid directly onto the LCD.

That’s it. You are done.


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