iPhone, iPod Touch users who have updated iOS 4.2 in the recent times, have been complaining of noticing some weird issues. The update is available for download over iTunes introducing various new features. But this update seems to spell trouble for all music on your iPod app is vanishing! Users launching the iPod app on their devices may discover that their favourite music library no longer exists!

When then attempted to open their library after updating, they found it missing. If any of you have gone through the same problem, don’t worry for the library has not been erased, but it is just not being shown on your device. This is caused by a bug in the iOS 4.2, for which here is a solution too:

  1. Make sure your iOS device is connected to your Mac or PC. Once connected open iTunes.
  2. In the left column, you’ll see your device listed, select it.
  3. Under your device, select ‘music’ and play a song.
  4. You can re-sync your iTunes with the music library by clicking on the ‘sync’ button.
  5. Next when you open your iPhone / iPod, you’ll notice that your library will be freshly populated.

It may be easier to sync your iPhone with the computer you are used to handling. It is a quite weird bug and coming right after the daylight saving alarm bug, it has been an unpleasant journey for Apple users who are not familiar with uncertainty of any kind!


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