Today, I got to taste a bit of “Nigerian Scam”. I knew very well where this conversation was heading and I just pulled it longer for fun. Guess the person got an idea that I knew what I was doing. I was being too sweet to be true and the conversation ended abruptly ๐Ÿ˜€

Btw, I do not know who this person is and guess my mail ID was picked from my Photography Website .And no this definitely is no friend playing a prank :), as this person contacted me about photography to start with .. I have not put the complete chat log, unfortunately I could not get to the end of this conversation, nevertheless, this is how people cheat online and trust me there are guys who fall for this !


Faith Williams: i am alone

Faith Williams: but i am not in the state now

Faith Williams: i am in nigeria now

Faith Williams: i am going back soon

gautam_hn: sure ..

Faith Williams: honey i am in a deep shit here that is why i am still here till now but i will be much happy to meet you if you can help me out

gautam_hn: what happened ?

Faith Williams: i don t know how you will feel if i tell you now

gautam_hn: tell me ..

gautam_hn: what happened ?

Faith Williams: okay

Faith Williams: hney are you alone there

gautam_hn: does it make a diff ?

Faith Williams: i am just asking you if you are alone there

gautam_hn: yeah ..

Faith Williams: okay

gautam_hn: okay ..

Faith Williams: i came down here some weeksย  ago now to by a sculptures and when am coming from the airport i now got robbed not noing that the taxi i took from there the taxi driver plan with is gang and they stop us at the road on away going to where am going to lodge nad i dont know that my clint was the One who plan with them, coz when am coming down here I have sell all my proparties in NJ coz i belive that when i get the scuptures to the state and sell it there i will make anough money there and get my things back coz they told me that they ave it in Nigeria is many there.

gautam_hn: oh .. .

gautam_hn: how sad ..

gautam_hn: I can definitely try and help u

gautam_hn: tell me what do u want from me ?

Faith Williams: my plan then is to buy it and use 4days here and ship it down to the state and sell it in NJ,and that very bad day i don’t know where to go and to stay coz i don’t know anybody in this fucking country expect that my clint that invite me down here and i went down to One local hotel nearest me and i met the hotel manager that very bad day and i explan what happen to him and he said to me that day that not that he cannot help me but he as help some people like that but the run with is money last and he told me that not he cannot let me stay the hotel till when i get back but i will need to drop my retun ticket with my passport and i dont ave any choice i need to drop it for him coz i dont know anybody here and i dont know where to stay

Faith Williams: you sound like honest man

Faith Williams: and you are open minded to me

gautam_hn: yeah ..i feel for u ..ย  i know what u are going thru ..

Faith Williams: Well i have been to the embassy last 4 days and i met alot of people there who they seek for same thing i seek for and there One lady who attend to me that day i went there and i explain all what hapen to me for her and she said to me that i should go back to the Hotel and get the money i owe the hotel so i should get my Citizen passport back and get it down to there office so they can see what they will fo to it and that very day she gave me money to train back and to eat that day when i explain that i did not ave any money with me again to eat and the Hotel manager told me that he will collect the room key fom me if i dont get the money pay and my retun ticket is gonna expire 21/3/2009 well am not happy for asking you this but i just have to ask you this cos am going through

gautam_hn: ahh how sad. .. well don’t worry .. tell me what I should do and I’ll definitely help you out .

Faith Williams: okay

Faith Williams: well if you really care on me honeyย  this how youย  are going to do it through westernunion money transfer so i can be out of here today Am in africa Nigeria the hotel manager will be the reciever for the bills all i owe the hotel i(460 )

Faith Williams: honey i will be much glsd if you can do this for me


Let me know if you have ever been in similar situations before and if you had, what did you do and how did you react to the situation.

1> I’m sure Alex had fun exchanging emails with this scammer ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Faith Williams is at it again…. but I am playing along to see how far she will actually take it… its funny when I ask all sort of questions they dont know how to reply to ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. These things happen all over the place. I saw an ad posted on a local classifieds website for a personal driver. I could see right through it but I responded for fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    We exchanged emails back and forth. Every email response I got just made me laugh more and more. I mocked him in my replies and he would still reply back. Eventually he gave up but it was pretty funny.

    I pasted my conversation up on my website because it was so funny.

    Here it is

  3. @Swordfish – You have to be careful not to give away your personal details. A friend gave away some details like that and still is having problems because of that.

  4. she now says she lives in holland in venlo
    herr new mail adress [email protected]

    for now she is sending the mail from nigeria lagos
    last night i talk to her with messenger but now i dont hear herr any more she must be the same scammer


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