We’ve already seen how we can add quick launch toolbar to your windows system. Im this article, I’ll let you know about how you retrieve your Show Desktop button if you had lost it for any reason. Sometimes, you might lose your “Show Desktop” button from the QL toolbar. Here is an easy step with which you can retrieve it.

1) Open a new notepad either from the program files are from the Start and Run

2) Just type or copy and paste the below text in your notepad:






3) Now use the Save As option and save the file with the Filename Desktop.scf. While saving, make sure that you select the option “All Files” in the ‘Save as Type’ field.

4) Now you will see the Show Desktop button on the desktop. You can easily drag and drop it in the QL toolbar and it will accommodate itself there very nicely. There you have your Show Desktop button again.


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