You come back home from after a really long day and turn on your PC / Laptop. The boot procedure has proceeded as it should and Windows has loaded or starts to load. However this doesn’t necessarily mean Windows is going to work. You might hit across a General Protection Fault, or a Windows Protection Error.

Sometimes for whatever reason, Windows just won’t start or won’t start completely. You may get an error message as above, a blue screen Fatal Exception Error, or you may see almost nothing at all, just the cursor flickering uselessly at the top or bottom of a black screen. No matter how many times you reboot the result will just be the the same.

The first rule here is that you should noose lose your cool. There may be and often is, a simple solution. For example, there is a good possibility that the last time you exited Windows you didn’t do it properly, ie. Start > Shutdown or Start > Restart. Instead, you may have done one of the following:

1> Pressed Ctrl + Alt + Del

2> Hit the reset button,

3> Switched the computer off with the on/off button

4> Crashed the computer

Many problems are caused by exiting Windows in the wrong way. Sometimes it’s inevitable but where possible do it correctly.

Windows reacts differently to all these ‘exits’ The first one is safe enough but the other three can corrupt the system if the hard drive is being written to at the time.

Exiting Windows properly can often cure this type of problem. Now you might ask me, when you are unable to start a system properly how can you exit it or restart it.

The solution is to start the computer in Safe Mode. Now that’s all together a different topic, please do read how to start your PC / laptop in Safe Mode.


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