If you are here, you mostly are a smart shopper and trying to do your research thoroughly about iTouch, before you buy one, I have only one thing to tell you – Just run to your nearest Apple shop and pick up an iTouch for yourself !

Even if you search hard, it’s very difficult to find negative reviews about iTouch. You may find a few here and there, but on a large scale everyone praises iTouch including me !

My only two concerns are :
1> The battery costs $79 if you have to replace it, but again, before replacing a battery you have 500 recharge cycles, which means by the time you head to replace the battery, you will have a lot better Latest Apple products in the market which you’ll end up buying 😉
2> and the second concern is, though iTouch it has a solid screen, you should ensure that you don’t crack it. Coz, if you manage to, then there is no replacement for it. You’ll have to buy a new one !

With that said, I highly recommend that you get go ahead and get yourself an iTouch right away !



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