While making some changes, Bing has been associating with Facebook to strengthen and change its social search facilities. They are now all set to release their service to their users in the US; and now they need to bring to the notice of users the changes they have introduced.

Looking into the users convenience, who have always wanted to have the same feeling that they had with Facebook, it was now Bing’s responsibility to provide them the same or similar features. The result was a joint venture of Facebook and Bing to satisfy users!

Now Bing functions in the same manner as Facebook. Let’s say you have chosen to share news with your friends in Facebook, you will also be noticed in Bing, even if you decide not to put up your profile news in other search engines.

An interesting fact is however, that you will not come up on major web searches, included Bing, but only in the Facebook Profile services inside Bing which may be done by your common friends. Like Facebook [age limit 13years], Bing too has set up its limit saying all Bing users who already have friends below 18 in Facebook, would get to surf Bing results too.

All these features are quite simple with just an on and off by the users. While trying to personalize the search and make it more effective, it is also a great publicity to get more people to use Bing! So why the delay, come and join the Bing family today!

Bing is utilizing Facebook’s social data, promising great results to its users through ‘Liked By your Friends’. This may be a major reason why Bing may have succeeded in an area where Google can’t easily compete. All you need to do is connect Bing to your Facebook account, after which you will notice a new ‘Liked By Your Friends’ portion within your search results.

It is definitely more exciting to see what friends share and enjoy given the fact that the news is not already up on search results. Also Bing lets you know earlier at least the initial few times when it gets to pull liked links from Facebook friends by a pop-up window with an option not to choose.

It is also making use of the Facebook data to be able to bring better search results. It analyzes the people you know, in turn studying those who know them through Facebook, thereby coming up with people closely related to you socially.

Very soon Bing will be looking to social signals through Faceboom, which will give you expert opinions on several searches.


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