When you talk of Facebook, one person stands bright in our minds and that is Mark Zuckberg, who incidentally was named the TIME’s person of the year. And now this social networking site, is proudly serving over 500 million users allover the world, always bringing in better updates to add to its features.

Now it is the turn of Facebook Photos, frequently used feature to undergo a makeover. Well, this update carries a lot of apprehensions much to the annoyance of many of its users. Instantly advices users as to the people they can tag in their photos, all of it depending on the facial recognition technology. It is called Tag Suggestion and is proposed only for US users as of now.

It’s quite simple to comprehend Tag Suggestions. Options are provided to tag groups of their friends together in an album. Facebook with the help of its facial recognition technology and with the aim of combining similar faces in a group, will in turn advice the user regarding who they should tag along with their photos. Facebook does the simple job of filling in the ‘Who is this?’ box along with its share of advice/suggestions and makes your job simpler by just clicking on the ‘save tags’ button to agree.

Assuming that you are one of those who are extra careful about privacy, there is no need to worry (earlier there were loop hole where people could looking to private albums in Facebook), Facebook provides you with a choice of opting out of ‘tag suggestions’.

Just go to your privacy settings to disable the ‘suggest photos of me to friends?’ to some, photo tagging can be quite a boring and time consuming task, in spite of the fact that Facebook is well known. It is Tag suggestions aim to simplify things and quicken the tagging process.

Facebook being extremely popular, there are thousands of people adding themselves to the Facebook network everyday. They include more than 100 million tags to photo, mainly because it is the simplest means to preserve and share photos and memories. The uniqueness in tagged photos is that it encourages you to re-live wonderful moments, maybe from the most thrilling experience of your life to the most memorable event in your past.

To speak in the words of Chris Cox, Facebook Vice-president of Product, this product took ideas of the in-house as well as technical ideas from other partners [unknown]. You can say, Tag Suggestions are quite clear and open. Whenever the need arises to tag groups of your friends to your albums, Facebook uses its facial recognition technology to help you.


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