Nice Translator To Translate A Foreign Language To 34 Languages

An Online Translator helps in translating a foreign language to an understandable user language instantly. Google translate software tool is one such online translator software which provides good translation for any language. Disadvantage of using a Google translator is that it allows a user to view only one single translated page at one time.

Another online tool helps in re-translating the keyed words in 34 different languages. This tool is called Nice Translator. It utilizes AJAX, which in turn helps in translating the keyed words to different preferred languages.

Nice translator is again a free web-based rendition service. This tool supports nearly 34 different foreign languages including German, Chinese, Finnish, Indonesian, Portuguese and many more. To use this service one has to only type in the words for translation or copy and paste words to be translated in a box. Now this translator will detect the language automatically and begins translation to other languages. It then displays the translated languages in another dialog box.

This online translator is very useful when a user wishes to learn or understand some words of a different language. The translator translates a text or sentence or paragraph into 34 different languages at once in a fraction of a second.


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