Symbian S60 smartphones have their beta version of Mobile Web Server by Nokia. Using the Mobile web server, mobile phone users can browse WWW directly from their desktop browsers.

Some interesting features of Nokia Web Server are :
1> Intelligent network handling
2> New content TSS feed
3> Users can add their own web applications
Before you download the Web Server, ensure your phone has the latest software. In case you do not have the latest software, you update your phone with the latest software using the software updater .

Nokia Mobile Web Server 1.5 released

Once you have your phone updated with the latest software, you can do one of the following :
1> Go to using your mobile phones web browser and your device automatically selects the correct version for your or
2> Download the version you want on to your desktop and then transfer the software on to your cell phone using the transfer device you’ve got from your cell phone provider.

[ Download Mobile Web Server version 1.5 beta ]
[ Download Mobile Web Server version 1.5 beta for S60 3rd edition, Feature Pack 2 devices ]


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