Nokia set up their first in a series of satellite design studios here in India. Not many folks had the complete picture of what Nokia’s motives were in this move. After looking at them carefully, here are some thoughts that complete the puzzle and gives the bigger picture.

The main objective of setting up the satellite design studio was to get closer to the local culture and traditions as this will give the company find new ideas which they can implement across their global portfolio of products.

Internet usage on the mobile phones is one of the latest mega-trend, everywhere. Sharing photos, creating content and also building personalized networks are part of it. This is one of the prominent features Nokia guys have noticed and you can already see them implement what it takes to keep the cell phone users hooked.. Click and Share 😉

Nokia surely has conducted a lot of research in to how cultures and traditions in India translate into color and materials / texture preferences. It’s mainly all about colors and they definitely are watching this and will make improvements/changes as and when the necessity demands. We’ve already seen this … vibrant colors like red and blue .. colors like silver black gold and metallic finishes are popular because of a very strong link to heritage..

Indian consumers are always looking for easier and simpler ways to get things done. Navigating is no exception. Nokia got this one quick and they have introduced a lot of one touch fetaures like one touch feature for music internet, camera and so on.


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