Now Distinguish Between Edited And Original Picture

We often get confused whether a picture is edited or if it is an original. If the editing is done by any professional, then it becomes quite hard to differentiate between an edited and original picture and snap.

With the help of a third party tool such as JPEGSnoop we can now easily differentiate between an edited snap and a original one. All the digital photographs contain some hidden information with them, and the JPEGSnoop has the ability to decode those details and provide with an accurate report to us.



Every snap that has been captured with a camera contains some signatures details among them. JPEGsnoop has the capability to understand those inner details, and if the signature of compression matches with the Photoshop signature, then the snap is edited. 



For those who are interested in photography and camera, or did they have a great fascination about pictures and snaps then this would be great and quite useful software for them. This is freeware software and you don’t have to pay a single penny to download it. The file extensions that it supports are ,PDF, .MOV, .PEV, .ORF, .NEF, .CR2, .CRW, .DNG, .AVI, .THM, .JPG and many more.


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