Long time ago only programmers could come up with applications which were built using various programming languages. Times have changed now, and if you are a logical guy with no programming knowledge, then you too can develop your own application ! You just need to have a good vision of the future and should logically be able to place the blocks in a sequence that it works, to produce your desired output.

Assuming that you want to develop applications for your android phone, start using the AppInventor application, which is in Beta launch at GoogleLabs.

Using the AppInventor application you can create a wide range of applications, which can be used on your Android run cell phone / mobile phone.
You can create games, quiz applications, motion sensor games and much more.

AppInventor is still in its infant stage. You need to have an invite to start using Google AppInventor, and get get one you need to register with AppInventor GoogleLabs. Once you apply for it,you’ll get the following message:

App Inventor for Android
Thank you. Your information has been sent to the App Inventor team.
We are receiving a large number of requests for access to App Inventor. We’re working hard to increase our capacity, but it may be several weeks before we can accommodate these requests.

The only draw back at this point is, though AppInventor is good enough to develop applications, it can only satisfy newbies and not veteran programmers, because of it’s limitations. However, lets hope that the AppInventor will become bigger and better over time!

Watch these videos to get an idea about AppInventor:


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