Now Get Adsense Reports In Your Mail Inbox Online

The Adsense reports can now be viewed directly in your email inbox. Now you needn’t log onto your Adsense account and check your earnings when you wish to. The Adsense has introduced their email system option, with which any user can get reports directly in their inbox!

This recently introduced Adsense feature has been discussed by the Adsense team in their blog. For setting up the reports via email service, first you need to log onto your Google Adsense Account and then click Reports.

Choose “advanced reports” and search the report for a data range. After this you need to save this report as a Report Template and check this saved Template in the Report manager.

Once this is done, you can choose the frequency of getting reports from daily, weekly and monthly. The service will ask you the email address which you would like your reports delivered to. You also have the option of giving another email address other than the one given for setting up the Adsense account.

Once your settings have been changed, save it. This completes your reporting setup activity, and from now on you will get all Adsense reports on your email id.


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