Now Play Quicktime Files With The Quicktime Player


The QuickTime audio/video files are most commonly used as web pages in order to stream videos and audios online. This format is not that preferred to prepare or circulate video files. If you want to play QuickTime files more efficiently then you should download the QuickTime Player 3.1.0.

You can also download its alternative version, which consumes lesser memory. You can also view the QuickTime files on your Media Player from Windows. You just need the framework from QuickTime. The QuickTime framework and many other required codecs are already embedded in the QuickTime Alternative.


You can also install the Codec Pack from K-Lite in order to play different video formats from the Media Player (Windows).

Some of the features of the QuickTime Alternative are that it is extremely simple to install, it doesn’t support any background processes, its size is much smaller than its other versions and is compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System.


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