Now Talk More on Your Mobile without Any Tension of Battery Loss

Few years back, it was really beyond anyone’s imagination but now the computer technology and science has improved in such a way that everything has become possible under this sky. The real concept is that a big research by Korean researchers has been done to make it possible to extend and regenerate the life of mobile phone battery through sound waves into electricity that can be used to recharge the mobile phone just by talking more on phones.

The truth behind the process is that the Korean Researchers have transformed sound waves into power with the help of morphological features of the nanoscale just by placing a bunch of nanowires between two electrodes which is a nanotechnology based on material-science. They have claimed that it is possible to create 50mV from sound waves of 1000b level. The level of this is higher than normal sound conversation that can reach up to 70b with the audio power sources generated through this besides other levels of sounds that could make it achievable in real life.\

This is really a boon for those people who are used to travel because of their business requirements and do not get any power point to recharge their phone battery while travelling and because of this, miss many important business talks due to lack of power point and sometime due to power shortage.


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