Create and Share Office Documents on Facebook with

With FaceBook becoming larger than life, the chances of  finding most of your family members, school-mates, colleagues, buddies, friends, coworkers, university mates, or old any other acquaintance is not too difficult. You could easily share media files with them, but exchanging documents was a problem.

There is a solution for this problem, and it is, a result of joint effort of Microsoft fuse lab and FaceBook. They, together, have been able to provide online document editing suite. In a nutshell, it is an office web application which is customized for Facebook users.

Officially, the was announced by FaceBook founder “Mark Zuckerberg” on the April 21, 2010, which was at the FaceBook f8 conference. By utilizing the strength of “Office web Apps” and inbuilt office 2010, it enables users to create, edit, view and also share the Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, OneNote and PowerPoint presentations. This move brings in convenience for the FaceBook users to start using office documents, and makes it easier form them to share those documents with anyone listed in their contacts.

The application also allows for uploading office documents from the local computers. The saved files and documents will be securely hosted on cloud computing servers, and they can be shared with friends very easily on FaceBook. enables users to mark the files as private documents. Such documents can be managed only by the account holder or by the people who have been assigned with the editing rights. You could easily add more editors by using a button that is available on the right side of the documents.

Docs plug-in with Facebook, also allows users to find the document shared by his or her friend on their wall post. They could also share it further. You can also incorporate a new tab on profile, which will contain the details of shared documents with the friends.

Therefore, Docs are able to take the benefit of common features of Facebook such as hitting “Like” button and comment for public discussions. If you want to use, then you have to first request for permission on FaceBook Docs Applications.

You don’t really have to worry about sharing the documents anymore. You could easily upload them to your profile and use them according to your needs.

We feel that this is an excellent feature by FaceBook. Additionally, you might also want to check on Google docs which allows for similar features but from your Google account. Here Facebook is a better option because it happens in a closed environment, but if you use Google docs feature, there are lot of over heads when it comes to sharing !

Also, we feel that it is better to download the document to your local computer, do your work and then upload them again. This way you will be able to use more office features of Microsoft word / doc,  especially those which are not are not available in their online counterparts. Obviously, Microsoft office in the offline more responds better to your commands.


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