I was looking for free OM audio/video (Omkara Swara – not sure if that’s what it’s called, correct me if I’m wrong) for meditation. Back in India, I could have walked to any music store and bought a cassette / tape / CD at a throw away price. Since that’s not an option, I had to either buy it online or download it from a trusted source.

My other option was to find OM meditation audio online for free in YouTube. This Video was the best match for what I was looking for. Plain Omkara nada playing in background, no other disturbance.

Om Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imWRQpY0P58

The only problem is that this video is too short – approximately 2.34 mins and I wanted something longer. This limitation can be over come by playing the YouTube video in loop. I have written a detailed step-by-step tutorial to play a YouTube video in loop. Please read it :

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You can also download the audio as mp3 to your system. Follow the detailed step-by-step tutorial to download YouTube videos as MP3 to your system.

Hope you can get started with your meditation right away 🙂

PS: You may want to check the rights before downloading the video /Audio.



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