Picture Editor as the name suggests is a freeware picture editing tool. Experienced users tout this application as a better replacement for Adobe Photoshop. It adds wings to your imagination by offering a wide array of photo edit and enhancement features. It features most of the tools and functionalities offered by Adobe Photoshop.

By many, this application is claimed as the king of all the photo editing applications. The menu, navigation and Windows layout features resemble with Adobe Photoshop’s interface. However, the presence of certain unique features makes this editing tool par excellence. First of all, this application features three amazing options for automatic color adjustments. You can reach the Auto Correction feature by following the below path: Image >> Auto Adjust menu. This tool enhances the color schemes of the picture to optimal levels. This tool is well designed to perform complex adjustments in terms of color schemes and contrast on the image. It applies all the real world setting that makes your image look impeccable.

And that’s not all! This application is equipped with another interesting feature, Auto Enhance 2. As the name suggests, this tool employs advanced tools to better the quality of the image. It comes along with an inbuilt print screen which allows you to print your edited image then and there. It facilitates the sampling and efficient cropping of images. It removes the red eye appearing in your images. Further, it bears excellent options to adjust the brightness as well as the color contrast of the pictures. And last, it allows you to make manual adjustments in color of your picture.

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