Mikogo is a free service helps in organizing online meetings between two and more online users. Further, it offers convenient provisions to allow users to share the desktop of their PC via online with their peers and colleagues. This is an amazing desktop sharing tool that lets users to conduct meetings, conferences, demos as well as presentations online without any hassles. This is an ideal tool for regular travelers who want to keep themselves updated on the presentations and meetings when away from the office.

This is an excellent tool to provide PC assistance to a remote user. This online service permits around ten users to share the same screen. The striking aspect of using this tool is that it does not subject any time restriction on the online meetings or conferences held. Users can conduct the meeting for as long as they want. When a remote user logs on to attend the meeting, he will be displayed with a Mikogo Meeting Info Window. In this window the user is asked to type his meeting ID. The first participant is allotted a time frame of 15 minutes to join the meeting. Once the first participant joins the meeting, it lasts for as long as the participants want.

Any participant can join the meeting without any installation of “third software”. You can be a part of the conference by simply clicking on the button “join meeting” on the homepage of Mikogo. To access the features of this application, all you need to do is simply register with its official website.

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